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The Squamish Windsports Society is a non-profit society providing sailors with access to a high wind sailing location where the Squamish River meets Howe Sound. Squamish has more high performance sailing days on the water than most other places in North America. Warm winds and sunshine are a blessing to all those people familiar with cold and blustery storm fronts which power windsurfing and kite sails in most other places across the country.

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2013 Annual General Meeting Minutes & Financials

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2013 President's Report

To all 522 Members of the SWS

2013 was the most successful year to date for the SWS. We had 522 members, four kite schools, and a number of well organized and well attended events including the Canadian Nationals, Kite Clash and Kite-o-ween.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Spit Staff, event organizers and the directors of the SWS for all of their hard work in 2013. Your energy and dedication to making the Spit one of the best places in the world to kite is truly appreciated by not only me, but by all SWS members. Thank you.

As the Spit membership grows so do the needs of the organization. Specifically, the SWS Board needs more directors to spread the work around. For 2014, we have established 9 different board positions and have set out the parameters for each role (see below). The idea behind creating more board positions is that each member will have a finite but limited set of responsibilities so that the tasks they take on will not require an overwhelming time commitment.

Our AGM this year is on Tuesday November 26 at 7 pm. If you would like to put your name forward for any of the positions below, please email me as soon as possible at or pm me. I look forward to hearing from you.

President (taken from current by-laws) - Shall preside at all meetings of the Society and of the directors - Is the CEO of the Society and shall supervise the other officers in the execution of their duties

Treasurer (taken from current by-laws) - Shall keep financial records, including books of account, as are necessary to comply with the Societies Act, and - Shall render financial statements to the directors, members and others when required.

Secretary (taken from current by-laws, except insurance line) Shall: - conduct the correspondence of the Society, - Issue notices of meetings of the Society and directors, - Keep minutes of all meetings of the Society and directors, - Have custody of all records and documents of the Society except those required to be kept by the treasurer, - Have custody of the common seal of the Society, - Maintain the register of members, and - Arrange insurance for the Spit.

School Liaison - Shall be the liaison between the SWS Board and Kiteboarding Schools at the Spit, - Shall assist in the development of the SWS School Policy Document, - Shall work with the Operations and Facilities Director and Spit Staff in overseeing compliance by the Schools of the requirements in the SWS School Policy Document, - Shall review and process operation applications by the Schools, and - Shall respond to all information requests made by the District of Squamish or the Province of BC as it relates to the Schools.

Community Liaison - Shall promote kiteboarding and the SWS within the Squamish Community, - Shall sit as a member of related community committees and boards including the Squamish Estuary Management Committee, - Shall be the liaison for and organize SWS member participation in community events such as the Great Shoreline Clean up and Estuary Open House days, and - Shall respond to enquiries (and complaints) made by the public about the SWS and / or member use of the Spit. Beach Access - Shall work with local governments in the Lower Mainland to establish beach access for kiteboarding

Operations and Facilities - Shall hire a Club Manager starting the 2014 season, - Shall work with the Club Manager to hire and manage the Spit Staff each season, - Shall work with the SWS Directors, the Club Manager and the Spit Staff to create and implement processes and procedures for the effective and efficient operation of the Spit, and - Shall be the liaison between the Spit Staff and SWS Board of Directors.

Special Event - Shall be the liaison between the various special event committees (i.e. Race Series, Canadian National Championships, Kite Clash, Kite-o-ween, and demo days) and the SWS Board of Directors / Spit Staff, - Shall assist special event committees as required, - Shall liaison with the District of Squamish as required, and - Shall communicate with media outlets as required.

Communications and Education - Shall create content for and maintain the SWS website, - Shall assess the need and create signage at the Spit as required, - Shall communicate with the District of Squamish and media outlets as required, - Shall educate SWS Members on issues such as the WMA (and its boundaries), kiting around commercial boat traffic, launching and landing procedures, Spit policies and procedures, general kiteboarding etiquette and parking rules etc.

Simon Kent SWS President    Oct 2013

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