Once again the SWS will be putting on the West Coast Open as part of the West Coast Tour with racing on July 18,19 & 20.

This year it will be an IKA 50 point event for Formula boards and a 20 point event for Foil boards.


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2014 West Coast Open

Formula and Open Class Course Racing


Updated May 9, 2014   

NOTE:   The NOR and SI’s are the official documents for the West Coast Open and overide any information you find here.

This years’ event will be held July 18, 19 and 20,  2014 at the Squamish Spit in Squamish, BC, Canada. 

Squamish Windsports Society invites all national and international competitors to register for what promises to be an exciting and important event. For the Formula Class it is a 50 point event according to the IKA grading system. Points towards world ranking will be awarded as per the IKA World Ranking Point Calculations.  For the Kitefoil class it will be a 20 point event.

The West Coast Open (WCO) is also one of 6 events in the West Coast Kiteboard Racing Tour.  Finishing positions in the West Coast Open will be included in the tour results.  For more information see:  http://www.americankiteboarding.org/?page_id=59

This year the WCO also ties in with the Canadian National Formula Course Board Racing Championships being held the following weekend, July 26, 27  at Nitnaht Lake on Vancouver Island.  http://windfest.ca/  After the WCO riders are invited to Nitnaht Lake for midweek practice sessions prior to the weekend racing.  The organizers are planning to run informal formula and foil board/open practice races late in the week.

Competitors will be able to enter online beginning  Friday May 9, 2014.  The Notice of Race and Entry form can be found on  the  Squamish Windsports Society website www.squamishwindsports.com/events/west-coast-open/

The entry fee of $140  will include a Saturday Dinner.  There will be prize money for the top placing competitors.

Please note that this event is limited to 45 entries.  Please enter early to secure your spot.

Also note that competitors may enter only one class, either Formula Class, Kitefoil Class or Open class. There is a provision in the NOR to allow competitots to switch classes after submitting their original entry form, but before the end of registration at the event site.  See Notice of Race Change #1 posted under Race Documents.


The wind in Squamish is a reliable thermal that inflows any summer day that it is not raining (even then sometimes!)   Wind strength is typically between 12 and 28 knots.  The most likely wind is in the 16 to 24 knot range.  Temperatures in August are usually in the mid 20’s Celsius.  The water can be chilly depending on the runoff from the mountains.  In August most riders wear full wetsuits, typically 3 or 4ml. 


Directions to Squamish Windsports Spit can be found at www.squamishwindsports.com/about/directions/

Please note it is about a 1.25 hour trip, by car from downtown Vancouver, and can be up to 2 hours from Vancouver International Airport depending on traffic.  Vancouver International YVR is the closest airport for commercial flights.


Accommodation options for both hotel and camping can be found at


Please note that camping at the Squamish spit is prohibited by the District of Squamish.  In past years some campers have stayed at the spit as enforcement was not in place.  Now, the District bylaws officers come and ticket campers.

Howe Sound is an environmentally sensitive area, home to diverse aquatic and wildlife – please be respectful and use waste and sanitary facilities provided whenever at the spit.


Participants must belong to a club affiliated with an ISAF national authority AND be members of an IKA National Kiteboarding Class Association.

Competitors who do not currently comply, may complete the entry process SUBJECT TO fulfilling elegibility requirements prior to registration at the site on July 26, 2013.

Members of the SWS Race Club will comply with eligibility requirements.  Details on how to join can be found at www.squamishwindsports.com/events/sws-race-club/ 

See Elegibility Explanation  below.


For further information or media registration, please contact the Race Directors: Andrew Wong or Don Campbell (SWS.racing@gmail.com), or visit the Squamish Windsports Society events website at www.squamishwindsports.com/events/

Elegibility Explanation

Entries must comply with the Notice of Race (NOR) 3.1 eligibility requirement and Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)  75.1 regarding entry. 

NOR 3.1 states:  Competitors shall be members of a National Kiteboarding Class Association which is a paid up member of the IKA.

RRS 75.1 states:  To enter a race, a kiteboard shall comply with the requirements of the organizing authority of the race. She shall be entered by

(a) a member of a club or other organization affiliated to an ISAF member national authority,

(b) such a club or organization, or

(c) a member of an ISAF member national authority.


Racers who are members of the SWS Race Club will comply with NOR 3.1 and RRS 75.1 due to SWS Race Club affiliation with BC Sailing, CYA, CKA, IKA and ISAF

Canadian competitors from outside of BC should become members of a provincial club that is a member of their provincial sailing organization and CKA.  Since organized kiteboard racing is relatively new, there may not be such an organization in your area.  If there is not, competitors may join the SWS Race Club.  Membership will satisfy the requirements of NOR 3.1 and RRS 75.1.  These requirements will be found in almost all IKA and ISAF sanctioned competitions worldwide, and membership will make competitors eligible to race in almost all IKA and ISAF events.

Competitors from outside of Canada should meet the eligibility requirements by joining the appropriate clubs and organizations in their home country, or by joining the SWS Race Club.



Entries will be accepted in the order they are received. Please note that an entry is not complete until the Entry Form is filled in and payment is received. Completed entries will be listed and updated often.

Competitors may only enter one class, but may switch classes from their original entry prior to the end of Registration at the event site.  See Notice of Race Change #1 posted under Race Documents.

Thank you.

Hope to see you at the event.


First NameLast NameClassClubSponsors
1KyleTouheyFoilboardSquamish Bear Wrestling Club and SWSOzone
3ChrisGlazierFoilboardSquamish Race ClubAirtime Boardsports
4MarcusHooperIKA Formula BoardSWS Race Club
7DonCampbellIKA Formula BoardSWSAirtime Boardsports
9BretHerscherIKA Formula Boardstfyc
10AmilKabilIKA Formula BoardZmaj SarajevoGaastra
11DavidKrawzsenekIKA Formula BoardSTFYCCrow Brewing
12AndyWongIKA Formula BoardRoyal Vancouver Yacht ClubOzone Kites / Andy Wong
13Jose IFazioIKA Formula BoardAlberta Kiteboading AssociationLet's try that (Letstrythat.com)
14markgodleyIKA Formula BoardLivecare.ca Kitelauncher.com
16CoreyLynamIKA Formula BoardSWSASV Performance
17GrantMounceIKA Formula BoardswsAirtime Boardsports
19AdamVanceIKA Formula BoardSWSOzone
20JoshBarkerIKA Formula BoardAlberta Kiteboarding Association
21PeterMartelIKA Formula BoardAlberta Kiteboarding AssociationOcarina KiteSurf, Alberta Kiteboarding Association
22StanleyTseIKA Formula BoardSWS Race Club


First NameLast NameClassClubSponsors
2JessicaSickingerIKA Formula BoardCabrinha, Silent Sports
5CatherineDufourIKA Formula BoardSWS + Isle-aux-Coudres Kitesurf30 nœuds, KiteFix, Point Co, Oasis, Promutuel, Lacasse
18CynthiaBrownFoilboardBaja BoardridersOzone, FireWire, Engine, Liv2Kite